Dental Tips

Cavities Treatment in Calgary

The Negative Consequences of Ignoring Cavities

Everyone knows you shouldn’t ignore cavities. The reason being is that the quality of your oral health is indicative of the quality of your overall health – this concept is...
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Complete dental exam

Why is it essential to have a Complete Dental Exam, what it is included and who needs it?

During this difficult time, when health is so important and we are all so aware of viruses, bacteria, disease, and how they can be transmitted or how we can protect...
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Fb263 blog

Are you new to Calgary, and are you looking for a dentist for you and your family?

You are in the right spot. Our dental office in Lakeview community, SW Calgary, Alberta, is here to serve you and your family. We accept any newcomer to Canada or...
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Emergency dentistry

Serving Dental Emergencies with appropriate Urgent or Emergency Dental Treatments in SW Calgary during COVID 19 Pandemic

COVID 19 UPDATE MAY 4, 2020, valid until MAY 14, 2020 According to ADA&C dentists in Calgary, or Alberta, can treat both urgent and emergent patients. Here is a list...
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30+ ways to support your mental, emotional and physical health during Covid 19 Coronavirus Pandemic

During this time, when we face a major pandemic in the whole world, we need to focus on 5 important things.  Stay informed from the right sources, but do not...
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What should you do about Covid19 Coronavirus?

-> 1 Stay informed from right authorities and do not panic. Check these 4 most important Authorities in this area World Health Organization - Canada Government - Health -...
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Coronavirus calgary

5 Easy ways to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus if You live in Calgary

It seems it is here now, in Calgary, the most advertised virus in recent years. We do not agree with all this paranoia created around it but do want to...
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Pinhole hide

Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation Treatment – The easiest and faster solution for gum recession, scalp free, suture-free & gum graft free

Are you struggling with gum recession due to being too scared of the traditional gum grafting method? Have you ignored your gum health, thinking maybe it will heal on its...
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