Health and safety

Your oral health and safety are important to us!

At Lakeview Dental Centre we take sterilization and infection control procedures very seriously. We take every possible measure to provide you and our team members with a safe environment. You can rest assured that your health and safety are one of our primary concerns.

Did you know? As of Jan 2011, Alberta has implemented one of the highest standards for infection control for dental offices in the country. As a result, our office replaced the entire sterilization centre with brand new equipment that allows us to deliver hospital grade sterilization for our patient’s and staff safety. Our office went through a very detailed inspection done by our regulatory body and not only do we meet, but also exceed the required standards so you can rest assure that you are safe in our hands.

The guidelines for sterilization and infection control in dentistry are called “Universal Precautions”.

Your oral health and safety are important to us!

The following are some of the methods we employ to assure your safety:

1. Autoclave (pressurized steam):

All dental instruments are sterilized in a high-pressure steam autoclave. This process is the standard of care in Alberta. Our new computerized autoclave informs us in the event of an incomplete sterilization cycle. As an added assurance we also employ an outside testing agency to ensure that our autoclave is producing sterile instruments.

2. Surface Decontamination:

All surfaces including counter-tops, dental chairs, stools, light handles, and control buttons are disinfected with very effective, high quality chemical solutions. These solutions are formulated to eliminate infectious bacteria and viruses that could otherwise proliferate on these surfaces.

3. Waste Disposal:

We use in our office a series of methods to prevent harmful dental products from contaminating the environment. To help in that endeavour we use a series of amalgam waste handling and disposal practices including the use of chair side traps, amalgam separators and vacuum collection. Explore more here

4. Digital x-rays:

In an effort to provide you with the fastest, best and least invasive treatment, we use digital x-rays for diagnostic with radiation exposure that is about ten times lower than regular X-rays. The need for X-rays is always evaluated in our office based on individual risks and needs with the purpose to keep the radiation exposure to a minimum. Digital x-rays are environmentally friendly. They eliminate the need for film and film processing chemicals.The clarity and size of the images enhances clinical diagnosis of dental problems and the images can often be corrected without having to make another x-ray exposure. Our office can print or copy your digital x-ray images. Explore more here

5. Isolite suction:

The newest innovation in dental suction, Isolite system, helps us to protect your oral tissues during dental treatment while shortening the length of the procedures and minimizing the discomfort. Explore more here

If you have any questions about any of our oral health and safety procedures, please do not hesitate to ask us at your next visit or contact us.

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“…beyond what you would expect…”

I have always been happy with the dental services and friendly staff at Lakeview Dental. However I was recently witness to an exceedingly high level of compassion that is beyond what you would expect. It is an amazing experience to receive such care and kindness from a dental office, and to feel like you are more than just a name on their patient list. Thanks so much.

Crystal Podetz