Dental Emergency

Our dental office is open to serve Dental Emergencies.

We follow the Alberta Dental Association and College regulations in regards to restrictions and protocols during times of crisis, like COVID-19, in order to keep you safe. We’ve enhanced our disinfecting measures throughout the office and follow the highest standards for sterilization. When you contact our office in regards to a dental emergency you can expect us to:

  • Set an emergency dental appointment time and date.
  • Offer you counselling and instructions over the phone.
  • Help you with medication over the phone.
  • Screen you for COVID-19 according to current regulations.

We accommodate dental emergencies

and provide the relief you need.

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You may need to visit our office if you experience the following.

  • A toothache that won’t go away
  • Facial swelling
  • A possible gum infection
  • Sensitivity to cold or hot liquids or sweets
  • Pain when biting
  • Constant or intermittent tooth pain
  • Severe throbbing tooth pain
  • Sinus pain
  • Face injuries

If it hurts, it’s an emergency.

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Any trauma to your mouth is considered a dental emergency. Immediate treatment for a chipped tooth could preserve the healthy tissues inside. Even if you aren’t in much pain, any structural damage to a tooth should be considered an emergency. Chips, fractures, or lost fillings/crowns can affect the living tissue inside the teeth and cause further problems that require more extensive treatments in the future.

Our office always sets time aside in our day to accommodate urgent treatments. Dr. Newman & her team will do their best to deal with your emergency as quickly as possible and provide pain relief.

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