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5 Easy ways to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus if You live in Calgary

Coronavirus calgary

It seems it is here now, in Calgary, the most advertised virus in recent years. We do not agree with all this paranoia created around it but do want to encourage and educate you on 5 easy ways that you can protect yourself from coronavirus or any other virus out there. We are sure you know that there are many viruses around you, that can harm and affect your health. 

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We know it is hard to stay calm when on all media channels around you talk about the alarming coronavirus news. 

Protect your mind and your heart first. Try to focus on all the other great things around you while still being informed.  

 Step 2. PREVENTION 101 – Wash your hands often and thoroughly 

Yes, this is the essential thing that can protect you from millions of viruses and bacterias living around you all the time.  

The basic rule is to wash your hands often and keep your hands and fingers away from your nose, mouth, and eyes.   

How to properly wash your hands to make sure any virus (including coronavirus) and bacteria go away? 

  • Use hot/warm water. 
  • Wash your hands for 90 seconds every time. 
  • Use soap. 
  • Wash every finger on all sides, wash the back and the front of your hands. And if you want, you can use soap 2x times. 
  • If you want to be even more thorough, wash your hands up to your elbow. 
  • Use a paper towel to dry them and throw it away, or use a regular towel and wash them more often. Change your regular cotton or bamboo towels once a day or at least once every 2 days, depending on how many times you use it, and the number of people that use it. 
  • We encourage you to use hand lotion after intense hand washing, so your skin stays elastic, healthy and firm, especially with our dry Calgary weather.      

Step 3. Avoid shaking hands, hugs or kisses with people you do not know or use hand sanitizer 

Try other ways to show your affection and joy, that do not involve physical touch or try something new like bumping elbows or bumping your shoes when you meet a friend or a new person. 

Even if we do our best to wash our hands, it is just best to avoid physical contact as much as possible. If you can not avoid it, try hand sanitizer after every salute you have. 

We encourage you also to keep 1-2 metres space between you and other people when you talk to each other. 

We also want to emphasise on the importance of not sharing food or drinks with others, including your family or close friends, to prevent germs and viruses to be transmitted.

Step 4. Strengthen your immune system 

Do you know that we have a whole army fighting and protecting us every day, all day long? Our immune system is fighting against the millions of germs, bacterias and other harmful pathogens around us 24/7. So why not help it and strengthen it so that we will stay healthier longer. 

How can we strengthen our immune system? 

  • good, fresh, quality food that includes fresh fruits and vegetables often and more home-cooked meals
  • 8 hours of sleep every night 
  • drink at least 2 litres of clean water a day
  • maintain clean, fresh air in your house or office 
  • do 30 minutes of exercise every day ( even a short walk can count) 
  • stay at least 30 minutes/day in the sun to stimulate vitamin D production
  • have some vitamin C, D, B or other that can help you strengthen your immune system
  • laugh every day, because laughing stimulates our well being and immune system 

Step 5. Be aware of others and help them 

Studies show that it is always better to give than to receive. And we are not talking about the coronavirus now :). But try to be aware of your neighbours, friends or even strangers. Try to think of ways you can be a blessing for someone else. Do something nice for someone without expecting anything in return, this will also make you feel good about yourself. Try to be compassionate and show empathy, especially to people that are not as fortunate as you. If you see an older person that needs help, ask for permission and help them out. If your neighbour’s driveway or car is covered in snow, take your shovel and do your workout while helping someone else. You will love the feeling of being useful and appreciated. 

Step 6. Here is one more bonus step to make sure you are all safe – Avoid very crowded places, trips to countries or areas that have many cases of coronavirus reported and any other place that can put you at a higher risk. 

This is more of a precaution you can take. Check your holiday or business plans and flights to see if they are in a safe area. 

In conclusion, be human, be kind and apply all the above steps that you may already know. Stop spreading the panic, and start focusing on the good around us. 

And if you are wondering if it is safe to visit a dental office during this time? Yes, it is safe to visit your dentist! 

We take prevention very seriously, and we make sure everything we use in our dental office is sterile and clean. We make sure our office is safe for all of our staff and patients. 

Please call at (403)-242-5900 to book your appointment. 

Please protect yourself and others by avoiding public or crowded areas if you are suffering from any symptoms of a virus.

Stay safe and happy.

Lakeview Dental Centre Team, Your SW Calgary Dentist 

Dr. Violet Newman

This content has been reviewed by Dr. Violet Newman, a Registered Dentist.

Written by: Lakeview Dental Centre

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