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Here are some of the latest questions we received from you and our answer.


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Here is a question asked this week:

Q – When should my child start flossing?

A – Always consult us, but a good rule of thumb is when two teeth touch. This usually happens first with the back teeth. To begin with, you will have to floss their teeth for them, but they will eventually need to learn to do it for themselves. Using a dental flosser may help you and your child get used to flossing. You should continue to supervise flossing until your children are able to do a thorough job on their own. Book an appointment today and we will address any questions or concerns you have!


We were asked:

Q – Should I brush or floss first?

A – We recommend flossing before brushing as during flossing, the plaque and food particles gets spread in the mouth, therefore, brushing after the flossing would leave your whole mouth clean.

Q – Electric or traditional? Mouthwash or tap water? Pre- or post-breakfast brush?

A – There are lots of choices that have to be made on your daily brushing excursion, and you want to make sure you’re making the right one!

The Guardian has come to the rescue with a brilliant Everything You Need to Know article about brushing. For one, Electric toothbrushes are 20% more efficient at removing plaque. That’s a big deal- and a lot of plaque!

The article answers all of your questions, even a few you might not have known you had.

Check it out here

Regarding toothbrushes we, at Lakeview Dental Centre Calgary, recommend the latest toothbrush from Rotadent and the top of the line models from Sonicare. As you may be familiar with Sonicare toothbrushes that use ultrasonic vibration to remove dental plaque, the Rotadent toothbrush is only sold through dental care professionals and here are some of the most important reasons for its use:

Procare Contour Brush Head Hollow Tip

Cleans and polishes large surfaces of the teeth. Ideal solution for absorbing and applying oral medications.

4577 microfibers make your experience more pleasant.




Procare Contour Brush Head Short Tip

Polishes surfaces of the teeth and delivers oral medication deep below the gumline and between teeth.

You can wash away the bacteria that hides below the gumline.




Procare Contour Brush Head Long Tip

Designed for patients with large spaces between teeth or for patients with orthodontics or prosthetics.

You can reach very easily between your teeth.

Q – What are white fillings?
A – White fillings are made of a tooth-coloured resin material, these fillings are made to match your existing teeth so your smile appears clean and natural. With this resin compound bonding to your teeth, the seal is tighter and the restored tooth can be stronger than ever before.

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