Dental Implants

Dental implants that feel natural and look real

If you are missing teeth or suffering with loose-fitting dentures or an uncomfortable bridge, talk to us about dental implants. A natural tooth consists of a crown, the part of the tooth we see above the gum, and a root inside the jaw bone. A dental implant is an artificial dental root which is positioned directly in the jawbone to replace a missing tooth.

Over a period of several months, the dental implant heals and becomes strongly integrated in the bone (osseointegration). Once the implant is osseointegrated, it will provide a strong foundation for the artificial crown and will function similarly to a natural tooth. Implants can prevent bone recession in an edentulous jawbone, just like a natural tooth.

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Advantages of dental implants are both aesthetic & functional:

  • Reestablishes function and aesthetics of missing teeth looking and feeling like natural teeth with the same ability to chew food.
  • Prevents bone loss by functionally stimulating the anchoring jaw bone.
  • Biocompatible with the body – they are made of titanium, a very strong material that is well accepted by our body.
  • Prevents remaining teeth from drifting.

Mini implants, high results.

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A natural & healthy appearance to your smile.

Mini implants are very small titanium screws that are placed directly into your jaw, allowing us to securely snap your denture into place. The heads of the implants protrude from the gum tissue and provide a strong, solid foundation that allows your denture to snap on tightly and securely.

If you are experiencing loose, uncomfortable dentures or having trouble eating with your dentures, speak with Dr. Newman to discuss the option of having mini implants placed to secure your denture and improve your comfort.

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